Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm Tree Removal Cost

The Cost Of Palm Tree Removal

Darwin is a stunning part of Australia that holds a landscape and climate unlike any in the country. The tropical landscape is enhanced by the abundance of palm trees present in both the local community and residential properties. However, at times a palm is not the most practical plant to have in your yard, especially when Darwin’s cyclone season comes around. If you’re looking to remove a palm on your property, the expert team at Darwin Palm Tree Removal have you covered!

When people are looking to remove a tree, the first question they tend to ask is ‘how much does a tree removal cost?’. Well, to be honest, this depends on some contributing factors, and therefore the cost of a palm differs from job to job.

We offer free quotation services for each of our prospective clients. This allows us to accurately assess the size and health of the palm, giving you an accurate cost for the project. To provide you with a better understanding of what areas contribute to the costing of a tree removal we have listed a few aspects below:

Site Access

If our team have trouble accessing the base of the tree, this can influence the cost of the project quite significantly. If we cannot have our equipment easily accessible throughout the removal process, it can take more time to complete the job correctly, in turn costing you more.

Ideally, you want to ensure that the entryway to your property and access to the base of the palm is relatively clear to allow for prompt project completion, costing you less!

Tree Size

The size and amount of palms that require removal will determine how much the palm tree removal will cost. Larger palms, depending on their condition, will often require more time, specialist machinery and a greater number of skilled team members to remove the tree safely and securely.

Palm Tree Condition

A tree’s condition will determine how easy it is to remove. A healthy tree tends to be stronger and therefore will require more time, equipment and labour for it to be removed safely and sufficiently. Whereas, weaker palms tend to be hollow and require less time and manual labour.

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